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Parts of an Airplane and Their Function

Parts of an Airplane and Their Function: In a world where the skies have become a bustling highway for millions of travelers each day,...

Major Somnath Sharma – First PVC Awardee, Who Enabled India To Prevent Kashmir From...

On November 3, 1947, just four months after India gained independence with great difficulty, Pakistan launched an attack on Srinagar with tribal militias. Their...

Who are Yemen’s Houthis and why did they attack Israel?

Yemen's Houthi rebels, based more than 1,000 miles away from Israel in their stronghold of Sanaa, have recently entered the Israel-Hamas conflict. They announced...

Israel vs Lebanon: A Comparative Study of Israel, Lebanon, and Hezbollah Arsenal

Israel vs Lebanon: The geopolitical landscape of the Middle East has long been characterized by complex rivalries and tensions, and one of the enduring...

Hamas vs Fatah: Unraveling the Complex Dynamics of Palestinian Politics

Hamas vs Fatah: In the turbulent landscape of Palestinian politics, two prominent factions have long held the spotlight—Hamas and Fatah. Their intricate history, ideological...
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