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Indian Navy’s Chetak helicopter crashes at Kochi air station in Kerala: Report

On Saturday, a Chetak helicopter crashed on the runway of the naval air station, INS Garuda in Kochi, according to information from Navy sources as reported by PTI. The incident occurred when the Indian Navy helicopter was on a training flight, and it crashed shortly after taking off, as per the sources.

Certain media reports have also stated that a navy personnel lost their life in the accident. As per information from Manorama News, the naval official, who was present on the runway at the time, tragically lost their life after being struck by the rotor blades of the helicopter.

We are currently awaiting an official confirmation from the Indian Navy regarding the incident.

The accident occurred on the runway of INS Garuda, located at the navy headquarters in Kochi, as reported by Manorama News. Preliminary information suggests that two individuals, including the helicopter’s pilot, suffered injuries during the incident. They are currently receiving medical treatment at Sanjeevani Hospital within the naval headquarters, according to the report.

The Chetak helicopter is said to have crashed during a routine training session around 2:30 pm.

INS Garuda is situated adjacent to INS Venduruthy and serves as both a significant naval air training center and an operational base.

INS Garuda features two intersecting runways, enabling the operation of a wide range of aircraft for takeoff and landing.

INS Garuda continues to serve as a crucial strategic hub for the Indian Navy. It houses numerous training schools, intelligence centers, maintenance and repair facilities, as well as experimental stations, further underscoring its significance.


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