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Latvia Signs $105M Coastal Missile Defense Deal With US

Latvia and the United States have entered into an agreement for the acquisition of Kongsberg and Raytheon’s Naval Strike Missile (NSM) Coastal Defense Systems by Latvia.

The estimated cost for the capability is $105 million, and the United States will contribute 70 percent of the total cost. The delivery of the NSM system is expected to take place in 2027.

As part of amendments to the Law on Financing National Defence by the Latvian parliament, the agreement is integral to the nation’s efforts to increase its national military spending. The focus of this spending is directed towards enhancing coastal and air defense systems, along with artillery.

Defenses for Peacekeeping

According to Latvian Defense Minister Andris Sprūds, the agreement will enhance the security of the country’s shipping routes and contribute to the promotion of peace in the region.

“[The] Naval Strike Missile Coastal Defence Systems will expand the range of capabilities available to the National Armed Forces and will play an integral role in our national defence. It will enable us to protect our coastal area and safety of shipping lanes,” he said.

“These systems will also be available for Alliance’s collective defence when necessary.”

Guarding ‘Sovereignty, Values and Freedom’

In the midst of the Russo-Ukrainian war, US Ambassador Christopher Robinson emphasized that the agreement will play a role in fostering cooperation between sovereign nations.

“Russia’s brutal aggression against Ukraine has shown that democratic countries need to stand together at the guard of their sovereignty, values and freedom. The United States is proud to support Latvia in building its defensive capabilities,” he added.


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