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Tactical Helmets for Sikh Soldiers


New Delhi, 17th March. Indian soldiers are provided the requisite protection to include Bullet Proof Jackets and Bullet Proof Helmets to operate in challenging environment. Safety of soldiers who are deployed on security duties is considered paramount. A modern day soldier needs to have all round protection from the newer and emerging threat of warfare. Sikh troops battling terrorism have been wearing Bullet Proof Patka over cloth patka while maintaining their religious identity. Tank Crew of Armoured Regiments also wear padded communication head gear.

Tactical helmets are an integral part of flying gear for combat aircraft operations and protective gear of soldiers against enemy gunfire. All pilots of fighter aircraft/combat helicopters and soldiers deployed in the areas where enemy attacks are anticipated or defending important installations are to wear the full protective gear for personal safety. Fighter Pilots and Helicopter Pilots of the Indian Defence Forces have always been wearing helmets over their religious head gear for heads up display and communication.

This information was given by Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri Ajay Bhatt in a written reply to Shrimati Preneet Kaur in Lok Sabha on 17th March.


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