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Top 5 Military Powers Of The World in 2023

Now that the world is witnessing the Russia – Ukraine conflict going on for 6 month now, There have been reports of the latest and different kinds of weapons getting used by both sides, especially Russia.

We need an efficient military and the most advanced weapons to keep ourselves safe and Secure from any external attacks. No doubt that the world needs peace and cordial relation. But, sometimes armed conflict becomes inevitable. It is when the different wings of the country’s military come into play.

It has given rise to a curiosity about how and which countries in the world are enjoying the status of being in the top military forces of the world.

As per the our Defence Street Team, USA has the strongest military force in the world while India ranks at number 4. Despite their enormous military budgets, China has second place.

The study says that the ultimate military strength index gets calculated by taking into consideration a number of factors including budgets, the number of active and active military personnel, and total air, sea, land, and nuclear sources.

The world’s biggest military spender with a budget of 732 billion dollars per year is the USA. China comes second with 261 billion. It is followed by India with 71 billion dollars.

So, we decided to compile and present to you a list of Top 5 military powers in the world and India’s place in it. Check it out!


The United States is arguably the most powerful and strongest army in the world.

Active Soldiers: 1.3 million

Annual Budget: $770 billion

Total Aircraft Strength: 13,247

Total Armored Combat Vehicles: 45,193

Rocket Projectors: 1366

Navy Fleet Forces: 484

Aircraft Carriers: 11

Helicopter Carriers: 9

Submarines: 68

Tanks: 6612

Self-propelled Artillery: 1498

Towed Artillery: 1339


Russia has been the 2nd most powerful military force in the world. It was a part of the Soviet Union, officially their Union of USSR.

Today’s Russia is a capitalist country, but it retains the military might of the former red empire. Russia is one of the few countries that produce its military equipment.

Active Soldiers: 850,000

Annual Budget: $154 billion

Total Aircraft Strength: 4,173 aircraft

Total Armored Combat Vehicles: 30,122

Rocket Projectors: 3391

Navy Fleet Forces: 605

Aircraft Carriers: 1

Helicopter Carriers: 0

Submarines: 70

Tanks: 12,420

Self-propelled Artillery: 6574

Towed Artillery: 7571


China has the second-highest annual defense budget, left behind by the United States. According to experts, the Chinese army will be stronger in the next decade.

Active Soldiers: 2 million

Annual Budget: $250 billion

Total Aircraft Strength: 3,285 aircraft

Total Armored Combat Vehicles: 35,000

Rocket Projectors: 3160

Navy Fleet Forces: 777

Aircraft Carriers: 2

Helicopter Carriers: 1

Submarines: 79

Tanks: 5250

Self-propelled Artillery: 4120

Towed Artillery: 1734


Many would think that India is not a great military power, much less coming in fourth place. Yet, for a country of over 1.4 billion (similar to China), a $49.6 billion budget for national defense is a fair figure.

India has the world’s second-largest military force and has the world’s largest volunteer army. It also has the third-largest defence budget in the world. The Global Firepower Index report lists it as the fourth most-powerful military.

Active Soldiers: 1.5 million

Annual Budget: $49.6 billion

Total Aircraft Strength: 2,182 aircraft

Total Armored Combat Vehicles: 12,000

Rocket Projectors: 1338

Navy Fleet Forces: 295

Aircraft Carriers: 1

Helicopter Carriers: 0

Submarines: 17

Tanks: 4614

Self-propelled Artillery: 100

Towed Artillery: 3311


One of the Axis forces in World War II, Japan has not been involved in major conflicts in recent decades.

Japan’s current budget is $47 billion, and 240,000 men and women serve in the armed forces.

Active Soldiers: 240,000

Annual Budget: $47 billion

Total Aircraft Strength: 1,449 aircraft

Total Armored Combat Vehicles: 5,500

Rocket Projectors: 99

Navy Fleet Forces: 155

Aircraft Carriers: 0

Helicopter Carriers: 4

Submarines: 21

Tanks: 1004

Self-propelled Artillery: 214

Towed Artillery: 480

The data used is updated till January 2, 2023. Data credit: globalfirepower.com



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