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‘We are at war… will win’: Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu after Hamas attack

In response to an unexpected rocket attack by Hamas militants in Palestine, Israel has declared a ‘state of war’ and initiated air strikes on the Gaza Strip. The leader of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stated in a video message after the attacks that the nation is currently engaged in a state of war. Hamas, on the other hand, asserted that the rocket attack was merely their “first strike.”

“We are at war and we will win,” he asserted, adding, “Our enemy will pay a price the type of which it has never known.”

Following a series of rocket launches and the infiltration of Israeli territory by fighters from the Palestinian enclave, Israel’s Defense Minister declared that Palestinian militants have initiated a “war” against Israel. Israeli officials confirmed at least two casualties within their borders, and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant asserted that the militant group Hamas has officially “launched a war against the State of Israel.”

Gallant stated, “Troops are engaged in combat with the enemy across various locations.” In response to the attacks, Israel’s military commenced air strikes on Gaza, targeting multiple locations associated with the Hamas terrorist organization, as indicated by the military’s announcement: “Dozens of IDF fighter jets are currently striking a number of targets belonging to the Hamas terrorist organisation in the Gaza Strip.”


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