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China’s Next-Gen Fighter Jet Blueprint Revealed: Catching Global Attention

The generation gap in fighter jets can significantly impact real combat situations, influencing the outcome of battles and even entire wars by establishing air superiority. Consequently, nations are investing substantial resources and time to acquire the most cutting-edge fighter jets, reflecting a prevalent trend in the defense industry.

In this scenario, China’s recent revelation of the conceptual design for its 6th-generation fighter jet has drawn the interest of neighboring countries. Examining this fighter jet and exploring the developmental patterns of 6th-generation fighter jets in other nations provides valuable insights into the current state of military aviation.

China is following the U.S. in adopting a tailless design

The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), a state-owned aircraft manufacturer, recently shared a graphic video on its WeChat channel, showcasing the in-progress development of its 6th generation fighter jets flying in formation. This new fighter jet, resembling the J-20 stealth fighter but with a larger size, stands out for a significant feature—it lacks both a tail and canards.

This flat design is aimed at achieving higher levels of stealth compared to previous 4th and 5th generation fighter jets, although concerns have been raised about potential reductions in maneuverability due to the use of thrust vectoring control. It’s worth noting that the United States has also adopted a similar tailless design in its fighter jet development.


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