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EDEX 2023: Nexter showcases its weapon systems for the Egyptian army

  • From 4 to 7 December 2023, Nexter presents its solutions at the EDEX 2023 exhibition in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Nexter, company of KNDS, is developing its partnership with Egypt regarding the modernisation of the armoured units of the Egyptian armed forces.

Enhancing the armoured capacities of the Egyptian army

Nexter, company of KNDS, presents its wide range of armoured vehicles to the Armoured Brigades of the Egyptian Army:

  • The Enhanced Main Battle Tank (EMBT), first 4th generation MBT combining, in a new enhanced design, features such as a 22 rounds 120mm autoloader, a 7 roadwheels chassis, and a 1500 hp powerpack. This new system demonstrator is armed with the 120mm gun and autoloader of the Leclerc MBT plus the latest technologies such as a new digital architecture, an ARX 30, a 4th crew as “deputy commander”, a hard-kill active protection system (APS)…
  • Our latest combat vehicles such as the new VBCI MkII T40, the JAGUAR combat and recce vehicle and the land version of the RAPIDFire turret mounted on a 6×6 chassis.
  • The ARX 30 remote-controlled turret armed with the 30mm gun of the Tiger helicopter. It is made for the close protection of a platform, a convoy or a company level unit. An airburst ammunition is under development to fight against drones and loitering ammunitions.
  • The ARX 25 remote-controlled turret equipped with the 25mm gun of the French army’s VBCI. It is perfectly fitted for ground combat thanks to its range exceeding 2500m and its firepower close to 30x173mm weapons.  

Nexter’s wide range of products presented at EDEX 2023

Nexter, company of KNDS, is also exhibiting its wide range of products, including:

  • The Leclerc MBT as a symbol of our expertise in designing revolutionary combat vehicles. This tank is the first model of the 3rd generation MBT that integrates still distinguishing capacities such as the autoloader and the capacity to fire as well on the move as stationary.
  • Our booth also showcases Nexter’s medium calibre weapons in service in the Egyptian forces such as the 30mm gun of the Rafale – the fastest single-barrel gun in the world – and the NARWHAL 20mm naval turret.
  • Nexter’s whole range of ammunition for main battle tanks, naval and land artillery systems. This includes KATANA, the next-generation high-precision guided 155mm ammunition.
  • The whole Nexter artillery family: the CAESAR 6×6 and 8×8 and the 105LG.
  • The NERVA range of land robots equipped with various mission kits including reconnaissance and counter-IED kits.


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