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NewSpace Research Reveals Cutting-Edge Combat UAV ‘Abhimanyu’

The Bengaluru-based drone startup known as NewSpace Research is gaining significant attention in the unmanned aerial systems (UAS) industry due to its innovative creation, the Technologies Collaborative Combat UAS ‘Abhimanyu.’ This cutting-edge UAV has been specifically engineered to excel in various mission profiles, including Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), kinetic attack, decoy operations, and electronic warfare (EW). It is fundamentally transforming the potential and capabilities of contemporary drones.

Abhimanyu distinguishes itself through its Tactical Interdiction and Attack Air Vehicle (TIA-AV) design philosophy. This approach places a strong emphasis on cost-effectiveness, intelligence, and adaptability, which, in turn, renders the platform highly versatile and suitable for a wide spectrum of combat scenarios.

In a captivating promotional video, Abhimanyu UAS is showcased in active deployment, positioning itself at the forefront of modern warfare. The video portrays the launch of Abhimanyu UAS from an airbase, highlighting its seamless integration with a Manned Mothership, thereby presenting an impressive demonstration of collaborative combat capabilities.

The promotional video unveils four distinct and specialized configurations of the Abhimanyu UAS.

  1. Abhimanyu EW: This particular variant is equipped to interfere with and disrupt enemy fighters, offering essential protection for airbases. Its electronic warfare capabilities are specifically designed to disturb and neutralize potential threats, thereby ensuring the safety of critical assets.
  2. Abhimanyu Kamikaze: This configuration serves as a formidable kinetic attack drone, capable of executing precision strikes against hostile military aircraft. In the video, the Abhimanyu Kamikaze is depicted engaging what appears to be a J-10CE, a combat aircraft operated by the Pakistan Air Force.
  3. Abhimanyu Decoy: The decoy variant plays a pivotal role in diverting the attention of enemy air defenses. By mimicking the behavior of genuine aircraft, the Abhimanyu Decoy disrupts the adversary’s ability to differentiate between actual threats and decoys.
  4. Abhimanyu ISR: This UAS serves as the primary source of intelligence and surveillance for the operation, providing invaluable data. The Abhimanyu ISR identifies and tracks potential threats, thereby enhancing situational awareness for the entire team.

The promotional video notably highlights the collaborative element, showcasing the synergy between the Abhimanyu UAS and the Manned Mothership. This underscores the effectiveness of joint operations in contemporary combat situations.

NewSpace Research’s ‘Abhimanyu’ marks a substantial advancement in drone technology, showcasing the possibilities of intelligent, cost-effective, and adaptable unmanned systems in military contexts. As drone technology advances further, platforms like Abhimanyu are at the forefront of reshaping the future of aerial warfare.


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