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Hamas claims dozens of Israelis captured in surprise offensive; 4 Israelis killed by rocket fire

Hamas Telegram channels asserted that a minimum of 30 Israelis had been seized and transported to the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of their early morning offensive in the Gaza area. The offensive involved numerous fighters infiltrating border towns and extensive barrages targeting Israeli cities, reaching as far north as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The assertions regarding captured Israelis remain unconfirmed, although reports of at least two instances of hostage-taking have surfaced in towns near the Gaza Strip. As a result of the raids, which targeted multiple towns, approximately 80 Israelis have been evacuated to the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba. Video footage depicted Hamas fighters moving freely through the streets, and residents were said to have reached out to local news channels, urgently appealing for the intervention of IDF troops.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) verified that on Saturday, numerous terrorists entered Israeli territory amid intense rocket fire extending from the central to the southern regions. In response, residents of the Gaza border communities were instructed to remain in their homes. Terrorists successfully infiltrated multiple communities in the Gaza envelope, including Sderot, where they entered the city through a tunnel. Palestinian reports suggest the abduction of an IDF soldier into the Gaza Strip.

Social media is currently circulating footage showing terrorists within Gaza alongside IDF jeeps. In response to the escalating situation, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant declared a state of emergency nationwide, extending to the Gush Dan area. Gallant also announced that Israel is gearing up for an extended period of combat, necessitating a broad mobilization of reserves for crucial roles.


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