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‘If they want to fight with Russia…’: Vladimir Putin dares ‘nonsense’ US

Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed the idea that the United States should ready itself for a war against Russia and China, calling such suggestions nonsense. He cautioned the Western nations that any potential conflict with Moscow would escalate to a level far beyond the current situation in Ukraine. Putin’s remarks were made in response to a bipartisan panel appointed by the US Congress, which recommended that Washington should be prepared for the possibility of simultaneous wars with Moscow and Beijing. The panel suggested that the US should achieve this readiness by increasing its conventional forces, fortifying alliances, and advancing its nuclear weapons modernization program.

Vladimir Putin expressed his view that the United States has heightened tensions with Beijing through the formation of the “AUKUS” security alliance, clarifying that Russia and China are not forming a military alliance. He dismissed the notion that the U.S. is gearing up for war with Russia, emphasizing that such thoughts are not conducive to a healthy mindset. Putin explained that preparing for war is a universal principle rooted in the ancient idea that being ready for war is a means to secure peace.

While acknowledging the global preparation for potential conflicts, Putin asserted that the idea of the U.S. engaging in war with both Russia and China is nonsensical and not a serious consideration. He suggested that such statements may be more about creating fear between nations than reflecting a genuine intention for military action.

Putin also cautioned that if the United States were to engage in a conflict with Russia, it would differ significantly from the war in Ukraine. He emphasized that a war between major nuclear powers would be an entirely different scenario and should not be taken lightly. Putin expressed skepticism that rational individuals would seriously entertain the idea of such a conflict, but if such thoughts were to arise, they should be approached with caution.

This statement comes in the context of earlier remarks by the United States, asserting that both Russia and China are modernizing their nuclear arsenals. The U.S. projected that, at the current pace, China could possess a stockpile of 1,500 nuclear warheads by 2035.


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