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UK to Send Mine-Hunting Ships to Ukraine

The UK government announced on Monday that Britain will dispatch two Royal Navy mine-hunting ships to Ukraine. This deployment aims to assist in detecting Russian mines in the Black Sea and support Kyiv in the restoration of maritime exports.

Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin in February 2022 and his subsequent blockade of the Black Sea, Ukraine’s capacity to transport exports by sea has been significantly impaired.

Defense Secretary Grant Shapps stated, “The deployment of these minehunters to Ukraine will provide crucial capabilities, contributing to saving lives at sea and facilitating the reopening of essential export routes.”

The handover of the vessels to Ukraine’s armed forces coincides with Defense Secretary Grant Shapps and his Norwegian counterpart launching a new defense initiative later on Monday, known as the Maritime Capability Coalition.

Defense Secretary Grant Shapps stated, “This enhancement in capability signals the commencement of a concerted effort by the UK, Norway, and our allies to reinforce Ukraine’s maritime capabilities.”

The initiative is intended to improve Ukraine’s capacity to protect its sovereign waters and enhance security in the Black Sea, according to his statement.

The transfer was approved during meetings of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group, which consists of 50 nations.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has consistently emphasized the provision of “unwavering” support for Ukraine, allocating £4.6 billion ($4.9 billion) in military assistance since the invasion, as stated by the government.

Shapps was anticipated to provide additional information about the UK’s military assistance to Ukraine during the launch.


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