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JetBlue now using Raytheon Technologies’ InteliSight™ and GlobalConnect to improve aircraft data retrieva

  • Operational efficiencies achieved through aircraft data transmission

ANNAPOLIS, Md. On 3rd May, 2023 Raytheon Technologies’ announced a Collins Aerospace’s InteliSight Aircraft Interface Device will be installed on more than 200 of JetBlue’s Airbus A320s. The device captures, records, stores, encrypts, and securely transmits aircraft data to Collins’ robust and secure cloud platform, GlobalConnect.

“After an extensive review process, we chose the Collins Aerospace solution,” said JetBlue’s Captain Chuck Cook, director communications, navigation, surveillance, and technical programs. “Real-time access to data will allow JetBlue to adjust service schedules and increase the sustainability of these select aircraft.”

Providing an offload of the data after each flight ensures the data is available for analysis, operational insights, and improvements. Collins Aerospace’s InteliSight solution helps flight crews, ground crews and airline operations teams optimize cost and improve customer service.

“JetBlue will see immediate and quantifiable benefits from the digital transformation of these aircraft,” said Jennifer Schopfer, president of Connected Aviation Solutions at Collins Aerospace. “The InteliSight data, passed via GlobalConnect, will give JetBlue’s flight operations, engineers, and maintenance teams the information they need to ensure an even more efficient travel experience for their passengers.”

InteliSight solutions can be customized based on their unique, modular structure to address customers’ different needs and are supported 24/7 by a worldwide network. At least one carrier has reported a substantial increase in their data capture rates, up to more than 99%, after equipping its aircraft with InteliSight solutions.


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