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Poor Nation, Rich Army: 50 Commercial Entities Being Run By Pakistan Armed Forces

In the complex global landscape, the intertwining of military power and economic influence has become a subject of increasing interest and concern. One nation that has sparked considerable intrigue in this regard is Pakistan, where the armed forces are not only defenders of the nation but also active participants in various commercial ventures. This unique dynamic has given rise to the phrase “Poor Nation, Rich Army.”



In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating intersection of military and commerce in Pakistan, shedding light on 50 commercial entities that are directly managed and operated by the country’s armed forces. This intricate web of businesses spans diverse sectors, ranging from manufacturing and infrastructure to real estate and finance.

Commercial Entities Being Run By Pakistan Armed Forces

As we navigate through this intricate tapestry, we’ll explore the historical context that led to the military’s involvement in commercial activities, examining the motivations and consequences of such a symbiotic relationship. From flagship enterprises to lesser-known subsidiaries, each of these 50 entities plays a role in shaping Pakistan’s economic landscape.

Army Welfare Trust (AWT)

The Army Welfare Trust (AWT), also recognized as Askari Group of Companies, is a prominent Pakistani conglomerate headquartered in Rawalpindi. Operated by former military personnel from the Pakistan Army, AWT, alongside the Fauji Foundation, plays a pivotal role in offering employment opportunities to retired military personnel. The primary objective of these companies is to generate funds dedicated to the welfare and rehabilitation of individuals directly affected by military service, including orphans, widows of deceased soldiers, and disabled military personnel. This philanthropic initiative aims to provide essential support and care for those who have faced hardships due to their service to the nation. Through its multifaceted operations, the Army Welfare Trust contributes significantly to the betterment of the lives of military personnel and their families, embodying a commitment to service, support, and community welfare.

The projects/units being run by the AWT are:

  1. Army Welfare Sugar Mills, Badin
  2. Askari Project (shoe and woollen), Lahore
  3. Askari Guards (Pvt) Ltd, head office (HO) in Rawalpindi
  4. Askari Aviation Services, Rawalpindi
  5. Askari Fuels (CNG) with HO in Rawalpindi
  6. Askari Seeds, Okara
  7. Askari Enterprises, Rawalpindi
  8. Fauji Security Services (acquired from Fauji Foundation), HO in Rawalpindi
  9. Askari Apparel, Lahore
  10. Askari Lagoon, Faisalabad
  11. Two stud farms in Pakpattan and Okara
  12. Askari General Insurance Co Ltd Rawalpindi
  13. MAL Pakistan Ltd Karachi
  14. Real estate comprising three small housing schemes in Lahore, Badaber, and Sangjani
  15. Army Welfare Mess and Blue Lagoon Restaurant, Rawalpindi

Fauji Foundation

Fauji Foundation, also referred to as the Fauji Group, is a diversified Pakistani conglomerate operating in various sectors, including fertilizer, cement, food, power generation, gas exploration, LPG marketing and distribution, financial services, and security services. The term “Fauji,” derived from the Arabic language, translates to “soldier,” reflecting the organization’s founding principle. Established with the objective of offering employment to retired Pakistani military personnel, Fauji Foundation serves a dual purpose by generating funds for the welfare of widows and families of martyrs who have made sacrifices in the service of the nation. Through its extensive range of activities, the foundation strives to contribute not only to economic development but also to the well-being of those directly affected by military service, embodying a commitment to both business success and social responsibility.

The projects/units under Fauji Foundation are:

  1. Fauji Fertiliser Company Ltd
  2. Fauji Cement Co Ltd
  3. Fauji Oil Terminal and Distillery Co Ltd
  4. Fauji Kabirwala Power Company Ltd
  5. Foundation Power Co (Dharki) Ltd
  6. Askari Cement Ltd
  7. Askari Bank Ltd
  8. Fauji Cereals
  9. Foundation Gas
  10. Fauji Meat Ltd
  11. Fauji Fertiliser Bin Qasim Ltd
  12. Fauji Akbar Partia Marine Terminal Ltd, HO in Karachi.
  13. Foundation Wind Energy (I and II) Ltd
  14. Noon Pakistan Ltd Lahore

Shaheen Foun­dation

Shaheen Foundation, affiliated with the Pakistan Air Force, is a welfare organization operating across various sectors, including education and aviation. Dedicated to serving the community, it engages in activities that span a diverse range, reflecting its commitment to enhancing the well-being and development of individuals and communities associated with the Pakistan Air Force.

The projects, units and housing colonies under the Shaheen Foun­dation

  1. Shaheen Airport Services
  2. Shaheen Aerotraders
  3. Shaheen Knitwear
  4. Shaheen Complex, Karachi
  5. Shaheen Complex, Lahore
  6. Shaheen Medical Services
  7. Hawk Advertising
  8. Fazaia Welfare Education School System
  9. SAPS Aviation College
  10. Air Eagle Aviation Academy
  11. Shaheen Welfare Housing Scheme, Peshawar.


In conclusion, the Army Welfare Trust (AWT), Fauji Foundation, and Shaheen Foundation exemplify the profound connection between military service and social welfare in Pakistan. These entities, spearheaded by former military personnel, extend their influence across various sectors, showcasing a holistic commitment to the well-being of their community. AWT and Fauji Foundation, with their diverse business ventures, not only provide employment opportunities for retired military personnel but also generate funds crucial for the welfare of widows, orphans, and disabled individuals linked to military service.

Meanwhile, the Shaheen Foundation, aligned with the Pakistan Air Force, concentrates on education and aviation, further emphasizing the comprehensive approach to community development. Collectively, these foundations bridge the gap between military and civilian life, demonstrating a harmonious synergy that goes beyond traditional defense roles. By channeling resources into social initiatives, they embody a profound dedication to the betterment of lives touched by military service, echoing a commitment to service, sacrifice, and the holistic development of the nation. In essence, these foundations serve as powerful symbols of unity, illustrating the reciprocal relationship between the armed forces and the broader community they strive to protect and uplift.


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