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Is India expected to join the group of 19 countries that allows transgender individuals to serve in the military?

India has significantly progressed in ensuring equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community, despite the recent Supreme Court decision not to legalize same-sex marriages. It appears that the country is continuing to advance in this direction.

As per a report from the Indian Express, the Indian Armed Forces are exploring the potential recruitment of transgender individuals into the services. Additionally, a study group has been established to discuss the consequences of such a decision and outline the pathway for its implementation within the defense forces.

Should India decide to allow the enlistment of transgender individuals in the Services, it would mark a significant stride toward equality. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that India would not be the pioneer in this regard.

India, transgenders and its military

Currently, the Indian Armed Forces do not allow the inclusion of transgender individuals in their services. Nevertheless, following the admission of women into the military, the three branches are now considering the induction of transgender personnel.

In light of this, a study group has been established to carefully consider this decision. According to the Indian Express report, numerous suggestions have been put forth on this matter, with a prevailing sentiment that, if transgender individuals were to be admitted, they should not receive any special concessions regarding training, selection standards, or assignments in challenging locations.

Others have also outlined potential challenges, including housing and administrative issues, associated with the integration of transgender individuals into the military service.

A military officer, addressing the publication, remarked, “The military should not be viewed solely as a job opportunity. There are administrative hurdles, such as the shortage of housing and toilets, especially in field locations where resources and space are limited.”

“Limiting their assignments solely to peaceful stations would reduce opportunities for others after a field tenure,” stated the officer.

In 2017, the Indian Navy discharged Sabi Giri, formerly known as Manish Kumar Giri. During her dismissal, the Navy issued a statement explaining, “The serving sailor underwent sex reassignment surgery at a private facility while on leave and was administratively discharged from the service. The individual voluntarily opted for irreversible gender reassignment, altering their gender status from the one they were recruited for at the time of induction.”

However, she contested the Navy’s decision before the Delhi High Court. During that time, the Navy permitted her to participate in the examination for the ‘tradesman mate’ position, but subsequently reneged on their commitment.

In 2020, officials from the Border Security Force (BSF), Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), and Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) informed the Union government of their intention to enlist transgender individuals for the officer cadre position of assistant commandants.

It is noteworthy that Tamil Nadu appointed India’s inaugural transgender police officer in 2015, and Chhattisgarh was the first state to actively hire members of the transgender community into its police force.


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